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On Demand Ordering

What's an On Demand item?

We list some items that are available to be made on demand. These are items that are manufactured to order.  When you place an on demand order we take full payment and instruct the manufacturer to make your furniture. 

How long before I receive my On Demand order?

On Demand items take 8-10 weeks to ship. We will let you know when the item is dispatched, and you will receive tracking information from the courier as soon as it is shipped.

Can I cancel an On Demand item?

When you order on On Demand item your contract with us starts at that point. If you change your mind you can cancel in the first 14 days after the contract starts. Please understand that after 14 days it is not possible to cancel the work due to this being bespoke manufacture for you.

I have a mixed order of in stock and out of stock items

We will deliver in stock items as soon as we can. We won't wait for all the items to be available before we prepare the shipment for you.