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Why mango wood is a good sustainable furniture choice

A lot of the furniture items that we stock are made of mango wood. We thought we would add some information about mango wood furniture production and describe the benefits.

Mango wood is a hardwood

Mango wood is a hardwood with really densely packed fibres, making it a tough wood that is great for durable pieces. The density of the fibres make it hard but it also carves easily - this means decorative pieces can be achieved.

Mango wood is a by-product of fruit production

Mangos are a fruit as you know! But mango trees are suitable for use for furniture items only after the fruitful life of the tree is finished, which is after about 15 years of fruit production.

It's beautiful

Mango wood is known for its similarity to teak but in reality the grain of mango timber can have a much more varied and interesting colouring and pattern. This beautiful variation is best seen in natural and light stain furniture items.

Mango wood is sustainable

Mango wood has all the qualities of more expensive hard wood but is much more sustainable. It grows faster, is grown for fruit, and is one of the most prevalent trees in India, where it is sustainably harvested.

It's easy to care for

Mango wood furniture loves to be buffed with a little beeswax polish to keep the sheen and surface intact.