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Seating: Cabriole Legs and Queen Anne style elements

The Cabriole legs gracing some of the roomshaped seating range are distinctive and graceful. This style of furniture leg is usually associated with Queen Anne style - a type of furniture that developed around the time of the reign of Queen Anne of Britain (1702-1714). The Queen Anne style is characterised by line and form rather than excessive decoration - though we see that does feature in an understated and elegant way. Perhaps the quintessential Queen Anne piece is a wing back chair with cabriole legs and cushioned seat.

Rose Wing Chair

Cabriole legs’ elegance was based in part on Rococo designs from the French court, but simplified and perhaps influenced by Chinoiserie - the European interpretation of Chinese style popular in the 18th century.

Cabriole legs were not limited to use on chairs and featured on most furniture types of the period - in various lengths, they supported chests, tea tables, highboys and desks. A distinctive feature of the cabriole is the foot which ranges from the highly intricate ball and claw foot to the simpler styles of slipper foot, trifid foot, spanish foot and pad foot.


Decoration was understated but conservatively elegant - usually simple carving without inlays or excessive gilding. The most popular carvings and reliefs were of shells, scrolls and acanthus leaves, and reliefs were found usually on the knees of the cabrioles.

You can find some of these Queen Anne styles expressed beautifully on our range of roomshaped chairs.