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How can I make best use of space in my hallway?

With the width of a typical British hallway being around 90cm, for most people, the hallway remains an area of their homes that has some restrictions on furniture use because of size. However, the hallway gets a lot of use! It needs to fulfil many requirements both as the entry and exit point and usually as the thoroughfare that joins the other rooms together.

In the majority of homes, there are really two hallways - the entrance on the ground floor, and the first floor hallway which usually gets called the ‘landing’ (well it does in our home!)

How can I make best use of space in my hallway?

For all its use as the connecting point of a home, the hallway and landing can tend to be used as a place to stash outdoor clothes and shoes, temporarily store post, and for most of us, used to store internet hubs. It used to be the place that was used for the family telephone but that’s also in decline as we switch over to mobile. But for most of us living in increasingly smaller houses or studios, we could look to doing more of our living and activity in our hallways - our at least just making use of the space that we have available there.

What storage is best for a hall?

One of the first things that we can do is making sure we are making the most of storage capacity.

This chimes naturally with our use of hallways as entrances - we want to store all our coats and shoes there - so it’s good to make sure there is furniture there that builds in storage in the most efficient way. Here at roomshaped we have a selection of shoe storage benches that are slim enough to fit into smaller hallways, and not only can you use them to organise all your outside gear, you can also sit in comfort to lace up your running trainers! Take a look at our benches collection for some ideas. 


Shown here, Nathan Bench with inbuilt storage. 


What is a console?

A console is a small table that sits against a wall, typically in a hallway. Consoles have a long history as a furniture item. Originally (centuries ago!) they were used to protect mirrors from being damaged, but they have come to be used on there own without mirrors as a general purpose tabletop.

For modern coming in and going out needs, the console is a good choice for providing a handy surface for storing (finding!) keys and for temporarily keeping letters and post. And for making sure that we are putting our best face on before we leave, the hallway mirror is key. The console has a useful role to play, teaming up with the mirror, to provide a specific kind of dressing table that we don’t mind being on show to the outside world. So a couple of drawers for tidying clutter is good - leaving the console table surface free for keys and post moving in and out of the house. We’ve also got mirrors that have integrated slim shelves, providing more places for keys not to get lost in.

Could I use a console as a desk?

If you really want to make the most use of the hallway then using an interchangeable desk and console could be a great way to provide extra study space without the luxury of an actual study room.

What is the difference between a desk and a console?

One of the main differentiators between console and desk is the width of the tabletop - but for laptop users who need an occasional surface to work on, there is no need to have a very wide space - and in this case a mere 35cm depth may provide what’s needed. It’s important of course to measure up what will suit your needs and to consider how many hours you will work as well as how much desk storage you need.

Using a console or desk with a mirror as a dressing table

Consoles and mirrors were originally always found together, and this combination is incredibly useful. This pairing has the same functionality as the traditional dressing table, but in a slimmer and separate form. We have mirrors in the same style as consoles and desks, so you can create your own dressing table that can also function as a desk when needed, and this dressing table will look good in most rooms in the home, including bedroom and hallway. Take a look at Ivona Mirror and Elsa Laptop Desk together.