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Best care for new hardwood furniture

Roomshaped loves wood furniture because it is so naturally hard wearing and able to take modern family life with grace. Hard woods are naturally dense and strong materials with a little flexibility and also the beauty that comes with natural materials. If you want to enhance the natural good looks and sheen of your furniture, and you want to enhance its long lifespan, a little bit of care and attention goes a long way. Here are some tips! 

Use a good polish or wax

use beeswax polish to care for roomshaped furnitureUse a good quality furniture polish without harsh chemicals. Particularly for stained or natural surfaces we recommend using a really good quality beeswax polish.  If you're feeling adventurous why not try making your own beeswax polish (we're going to try this and report on it later). You can add the essential oils of your choice to add a lovely scent! Alternatively, we at roomshaped strongly recommend our local firm, Cambridge Traditional Products 

Scratches and cracks can be touched up with beeswax

Beeswax can work its wonders on scratches and fractures in the wood surface. It's not the same as beeswax polish - this is the hard stuff. You can buy blocks of beeswax from good suppliers too.

Keep it out of direct sunlight if you can

Probably not too much of a problem in the UK but you may be lucky enough to have a sun trap room where every day is hot and bright. Wood can dry out and fade a little with excessive sun and heat so try to position your furniture out of really strong sunlight. 

Keep away from radiators

Same as sunlight, heat can affect your wood by drying it out too much. When the wood dries it moves, so big changes in humidity could encourage it to move a little  (you might find some drawers sticking, for example).

Protect from spills

Since having children we have learned to embrace the scratches and spills that family life brings. If you don't want to live with the lived-in look (not everyone wants be reminded of every mishap) use some coasters, especially with hot items. I am writing this looking at scorch marks from a coffee pot on wood - so clearly have a lot to learn myself...