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Roomshaped Furniture Blog

  • How can I make best use of space in my hallway?

    With the width of a typical British hallway being around 90cm, for most people, the hallway remains an area of their homes that has some restrictions on furniture use because of size. However, the hallway gets a lot of use! It needs to fulfil many requirements both as the entry and exit point and usually as the thoroughfare that joins the other rooms together. What furniture will make the best use of this space?
  • Beautiful Bone Inlay

    Bone inlay is the use of camel bone that is set into into a contrasting material in traditional patterns. The skill has been passed down through generations of skilled craftspeople. Inlay is highly prized in Rajasthan, where ownership of luxurious inlaid items was once the preserve of the Maharajas. How is bone inlay furniture made?
  • Scandinavian Design and Mid-century Modern Style Elements

    Our range showcases design elements typical of Danish and mid-century modern styles. Why and how did these trends develop?

    A mixture of craft, traditional materials and techniques, and an emphasis on functionality gave rise to some of the most influential designs of the 20th century in the Scandinavian countries of Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Why is their appeal so enduring?

  • Seating: Cabriole Legs and Queen Anne style elements

    Queen Anne style was based in part on Rococo designs from the French court, but simplified and perhaps influenced by Chinoiserie. Decoration was understated but conservatively elegant - usually simple carving without inlays or excessive gilding. The most popular carvings and reliefs were of shells, scrolls and acanthus leaves, and reliefs were found usually on the knees of the cabrioles.
  • What exactly is a sideboard?

    Nowadays the sideboard is still working as a storage and display item in modern open plan homes, but it has a new use outside of the dining room. It’s now an ideal media or tv unit or a vinyl record collection cupboard, and you can find it in living rooms and hallways, not just next to your dining table.
  • Trend Notes: Abstract and geometric furniture style

    We're loving the new geometric print pieces that we have in store this Spring. Abstract art, vibrant colour highlights, and geometric prints are strong style trends for 2019 and beyond. 
  • Best care for new hardwood furniture

    Roomshaped loves wood furniture because it is so naturally hard wearing and able to take modern family life with grace. Hard woods are naturally dense and strong materials. Enhance the beauty of your new furniture with these tips!
  • Why mango wood is a good sustainable furniture choice

    A few of the many reasons why mango wood is an excellent choice for sustainable, beautiful furniture.